ELCOVISION 10 by the Swiss company PMS AG, first launched in 1986 as the world's first 3D photogrammetry system for PCs.

ELCOVISION 10 - The leading 3D photogrammetry software for fully automated 3D object reconstruction from images.

Generate from images of normal cameras or drones fully automatically high-precision and highly detailed 3D models and point clouds in almost laser scan quality.


Photogrammetry is the science and technology of obtaining reliable information about physical objects and the environment through the process of recording, measuring and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery and other phenomena. (wiki)

Fully automatic generation of highly detailed, almost noise-free point clouds from the images

ELCOVISION 10 uses a new algorithm which makes it possible to calculate a 3D point from every pixel of an image. Each 3D point is the result of a so-called forward cut, so ELCOVISION 10 has very good control over this process and can generate point clouds in almost laser scan quality. Even the reconstruction of facades from aerial photographs taken almost vertically downwards is now possible even though these show the facades only in very steep views or only at the edges of the image.

Completely integrated into BricsCAD, all CAD drawing functions can be supplied with measurements.

All drawing commands of the CAD program become "measurement commands". This means, for example, that each drawing command such as "Line" is drawn directly with the coordinates from image measurements.

In the current versions of BricsCAD, point clouds generated by ELCOVISION 10 from images can also be imported into the drawing with a few mouse clicks and further processed there.

Fully offline

ELCOVISION 10 does not need any network or internet access, all processing is done on the local computer. Which makes it suitable to process critical infrastructure or crime scenes etc. which should not become known to the public.

Up to 30° convergence angle (shooting angle) between two shots

This will give you much more reserve if the pictures are not taken well enough: The automatic image orientation works even in cases that used to be only manually orientable. If you have even larger convergence angles between 2 images, or if you have an extremely poor image quality, you can also orient the images manually to the photo block, here convergence angles between 2 images of up to 170° are possible without problems.

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